Strategic planning

United Utilities PLC, UK - Final Business Plan Submission for Periodic Review PR09

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VBTM reviewed and reported on the condition of the Company’s wastewater assets; determined the work required to comply with the revised discharge consents and new EU legislation, and meet increased demand resulting from proposed growth and changes to housing developments; and provided the scope of work to handle the additional biosolids arising from the changes to non-infrastructure facilities. VBTM also reviewed and assessed the data used to plan the scope of work required to secure compliance with the drinking water standards; and updated models to estimate the cost of the proposed work scopes. On behalf of the Company, we presented all supporting data and information in relation to the water and wastewater supply-demand submission to the Government Reporter.


Scottish Water, UK - Submission for Quality and Standards Review QS3

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VBTM undertook solution development and cost estimation for wastewater and sludge improvement schemes. We assessed asset condition, sludge strategy, supply/demand, population growth, developed new cost models and determined the work required to comply with EU legislation. We presented the submission to the Government Reporter on behalf of Scottish Water.


ONEP, Côte d’Ivoire - Asset Management Plan


SODECI (Société de distribution d'eau de la Côte d'Ivoire) operates and maintains the municipal water supply and sewerage assets in Abidjan, under a Public-Private Partnership with the Côte d’Ivoire Government. SODECI is required to submit capital investment and maintenance plans for these assets to the Government.

The National Water Authority, ONEP (Office National de l’Eau Potable) engaged associates from VBTM and CDA Consulting Ltd to review the 2009 water submission from SODECI. VBTM and CDA reviewed the submission and the condition of the water assets and determined the work required to upgrade the assets and improve the quality of drinking water supplies.


Scottish Water, UK - Water Resource Planning


Howden Water Treatment Works is located on the banks of the River Ettrick. It treats water from four production boreholes and supplies a population of 17,000 across the Central Scottish Borders. Our client required engineering solutions for increasing the capacity of the Works in line with their water resource strategy for the area. VBTM carried out a survey of the water resources and catchment, which included hydrological studies of the River Ettrick, and borehole pumping trials to examine the capacity of the boreholes. We provided an improved understanding of the hydrology of the area and recommended solutions for redeveloping the existing assets to increase water yield from the Works.


Water and Sewerage Companies, UK - Asset Management Plans


Asset owners and operators need to prepare for the ageing of their assets, new legislative requirements and changes in supply and demand, and ensure that provision is made for capital investment. Every 5 years, water and sewerage companies in the United Kingdom must submit their investment plans to the Government as part of the periodic review of prices charged to consumers for water and sewerage services.

VBTM’s engineers and project managers have supported many companies in developing their plans. We are keenly aware of the particular challenges of managing assets within strict budgetary and regulatory frameworks, while at the same time ensuring that quality and safety are maintained.