Design and service

KAIA Airport Development, Saudi Arabia - Detailed Process Design

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WS Atkins plc, appointed as lead designer for Phase 1 of the project, contracted VBTM Associates Ltd to provide detailed engineering designs for potable water storage, wastewater handling, including prevention of septicity, and advanced treatment of greywater. VBTM designed facilities to treat up to 137,000 cubic metres/day of wastewater from the airport including surface water run-off prior to discharge into the Red Sea. VBTM also designed new water storage and distribution systems, which involved a secondary disinfection stage of capacity 36,000 cubic metres/day. VBTM provided designs for part of the treated wastewater (approximately 86,000 cubic metres/day) to be recovered, treated and reused within the airport as process water for ventilation and air conditioning systems, generators etc., and water for irrigation of the tree nurseries and lawns.


Veolia Water Nevis, UK - Aquatrine B PPP Investment Scheme, Performance Optimisation and Preliminary Design

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Veolia Water Nevis engaged VBTM to examine the MOD owned wastewater treatment works and recommend, and assess the feasibility of, solutions to optimise performance. VBTM conducted an extensive assessment of the works and catchment and set out options and preliminary designs to secure compliance with the wastewater quality standards. In recommending the preferred solution, we assessed works capacity versus future increase in population.


Al-Faris State Co., Iraq - Conceptual Design of Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants


The client proposed to build 15 RO plants in Baghdad and adjacent municipalities. These systems needed to be capable of treating water of low, medium and high salinity (5,000-45,000 mg/l TDS). The capacity of the plants ranged from 200 cubic metres/day to 10,000 cubic metres/day. VBTM Associates Ltd provided conceptual designs and costings for the procurement and installation of the  plants. VBTM designed the systems according to the client’s specifications and included energy saving high capacity pumps, which would result in low operating costs.


BP Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade


BP Refinery Rotterdam is the second largest oil refinery in Europe. It processes 19 million tons of crude oil per annum. The refinery contains a treatment plant for water released during the refining processes and used as ballast for the oil tankers. Treatment comprises oil separation, filtration through sand filters and biological filters. The effluent passes to a post-treatment lagoon before being discharged into the Beerkanaal.

BP required improvements to the treatment plant in order to secure compliance with EU legislation concerning effluent discharges. VBTM and its partner Brushmoor Ltd undertook a full-scale trial of a novel biological treatment process, which improved the quality of the effluent considerably and provided a solution to secure compliance.


Fife Council, Scotland, UK - Water Treatment Facility


Together with our construction partner, Barr and Wray, VBTM designed and installed a new water treatment facility supplying drinking water to the Carnegie Leisure Centre in Dunfermline, Scotland. We assessed the alternative borehole water supply and surrounding catchment, introduced groundwater protection measures to minimise any risk from Cryptosporidium, installed supply pipework, chemical tanks and monitoring and control instrumentation, and commissioned the new facility. Planning constraints and building space restrictions presented significant challenges. It was necessary to undertake floor reinforcement, and provide additional health and safety control measures to minimise any risks to personnel operating the new facility and to the public using the Centre.


Ministry of Defence, United Arab Emirates - Desalination

ministry_of_defenceVBTM’s engineers and construction partner ACWA designed and installed a 100 cubic metres per day Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) water treatment plant serving a small barracks owned and operated by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defence. SWRO is a reverse osmosis desalination membrane process used to obtain drinking water. It is most commonly operated in water-scarce regions where there is no or limited surface or groundwater.

The facility comprised a raw water tank, membrane plant and final water tanks. VBTM provided detailed process design, support during the construction phase and assistance with commissioning the facility.