• Feasibility and optioneering studies
  • Flow and load assessment
  • Treatment and pilot plant studies
  • Hazop/Hazan and process safety studies
  • Conceptual and detailed engineering design
  • Cost engineering (incl. investment appraisal, estimating, risk analysis, cost control)
  • Equipment specification and procurement
  • Support during construction
  • Commissioning
  • Process optimisation


VBTM produces conceptual and detailed engineering designs for water, wastewater and waste treatment plants, pipelines, storm water drainage systems, reservoirs and pumping stations. We also design energy recovery and odour treatment facilities and greywater reclamation systems.

Our designs and projects start with wide-ranging discussions with our clients to clarify their requirements. The designs are formulated from detailed assessments of parameters such as flow, load, water quality, population, land suitability; from studies of social, economic, financial and environmental impact; and from a consideration of current legislation and latest technology. We assist our clients with procurement, construction supervision and commissioning of new assets. We also undertake process optimisation of existing assets to improve operational efficiencies and provide engineering support.