VBTM Appointed on Thames Water's Register

January 2013

Following public competition, Thames Water Utilities Limited has admitted VBTM Associates Ltd to its Construction, Operational and Service Register for provision of engineering consultancy services in AMP 6.  VBTM is delighted to have been admitted to the Register and looks forward to opportunities to continue to support Thames Water in the delivery of its capital investment programmes.


Compliance with Environmental Discharge Permits

January 2013

VBTM advised an industrial chemicals company in the Midlands, UK on options to meet their environmental permit to discharge waste. VBTM audited the company's chemical plant, reviewed the current discharge methods and proposed more efficient ways of complying with the regulatory requirements.


VBTM to Attend The Green Technology Roadshow North West

January 2013

VBTM will be attending the Green Technology Roadshow in Manchester on 14 February 2013. The Roadshow will highlight a broad range of green and clean technologies including new technologies relating to water, wastewater and waste treatment, energy recovery from waste and sustainable construction. VBTM will join international companies in sharing knowledge and presenting products and services. If you are interested in learning more about the green and clean technologies that VBTM can offer you, we will be delighted to meet you.


VBTM Meets Nigerian Oil Companies

December 2012

VBTM provides engineering services to the oil industry. We help oil companies meet water quality discharge and air emission standards, and also assist them with obtaining environmental permits. VBTM recently visited Nigerian oil companies in relation to the design and commissioning of produced water facilities, gas cleaning and treatment systems, and odour treatment facilities for flow stations and associated pipelines. We provided advice on the disposal of produced water, process water, blow down and waste drilling fluids to secure compliance with environmental legislation.


Work Experience for Future Engineers

June 2012

VBTM is keen to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and engineering. We are delighted to welcome two college and university students to undertake work placements with us this summer. They will be assisting our engineers and technical specialists and will experience first hand the processes of designing and managing water and wastewater facilities.


EU Law on Cookies (e-Privacy Directive)

May 2012

The e-Privacy Directive requires that public websites should not place cookies on a website user’s computer without the user’s consent. The law aims to protect users’ privacy and comes into force in the UK on 26 May 2012.

Cookies are small text files that websites place on a user’s computer while the user is browsing them. The files store information about the user’s online browsing session. VBTM’s website uses cookies solely to track how visitors are using our website. We record information such as the number of visitors, webpages browsed, city location of visitor etc. and collate the information through Google Analytics. We do not use cookies to gather personally identifiable information. The information we collect is anonymous. It helps us to improve our website and the user's browsing experience. You can modify your internet browser settings to restrict or block cookies, or to delete cookies that have already been placed on your computer. The website tells you how to do this.

You can opt out from having your online session anonymously tracked through Google Analytics at


Review of Wastewater Treatment Works Aeration Plant - UK Water Utility

February 2012

Water companies are always looking for ways to reduce operating costs and provide water and sewerage services more efficiently.  A water utility in the Midlands has taken a leading role in developing solutions that reduce its energy consumption while meeting its environmental objectives. Through its Carbon Efficiency Programme, it is looking at ways of reducing its wastewater aeration energy consumption.  As part of this programme, VBTM is examining new methods for improving aeration control at wastewater treatment works, with a view to reducing energy consumption when providing air for biological treatment.


Review of Asset Standards for Thames Water, UK

July 2011

VBTM provides engineering design support for Atkins Global and is currently working with Atkins on a range of water and wastewater projects. Atkins has engaged VBTM to assist Thames Water with reviewing its asset standards, which define the criteria, activities and practices to optimally and sustainably manage its assets, their condition and performance, any risks, expenditure and investment. The standards will be updated, where appropriate, to ensure that they accord with Thames' overall strategy and latest industry asset management good practice.


Expansion of King Abdulaziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia

March 2011

King Abdulaziz International Airport, located approximately 12 miles north of Jeddah, is Saudi Arabia’s third largest aviation facility. The airport is being renovated and expanded as part of a three-phase, US $11.3 billion project, which is due to be completed in 2035. The purpose of the project is to increase the airport's capacity from 15 million to 80 million passengers per year.

Phase 1 of the project involves the construction of a new terminal complex - replacing existing north and south terminals - the construction of a new air traffic control complex, tranportation centre and railway station, new road networks, taxiways and utilities (water, power etc) networks, services and support buildings. The construction works commenced in January 2008 and are expected to be completed in 2014.

Atkins Global, which has been appointed as lead designer for Phase 1 of the project, has engaged VBTM Associates Ltd to provide process engineering designs for the wastewater treatment, odour abatement and water reuse components of the project.


Operational Best Practice Training - Lagos Water Corporation

March 2011

VBTM is providing in-house training to selected personnel at Lagos Water Corporation, Nigeria on a range of topics geared to improving overall levels of service.  The training will cover water quality sampling and analysis, risk analysis, environmental quality management systems, performance reporting, operational data collection and charting and operation of plant equipment.


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