Design of Water and Sewerage Facilities in Ijebu Ode

July 2014

VBTM has been contracted to design drinking water and sewerage facilities at a housing development in Ijebu Ode.  We are working with our construction partner and plan to complete the project by December 2014.


Reinstatement of Water Supply Infrastructure, Ibadan

March 2014

Following extensive fire damage to a small housing development in Ibadan, VBTM has been engaged to assist the salvage and redevelopment team.  VBTM has undertaken a preliminary assessment of the status and condition of the water supply infrastructure.  We are in the process of conducting a detailed assessment and will work with the developers to reinstate and rehabilitate the facilities.


ISO 55000 - The New International Standards for Asset Management

January 2014

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has published new international standards for asset management - the ISO 55000 series - which can be applied to all types of assets and organisations. An asset is an item or entity, tangible or intangible, that has potential or actual value for an organisation. ISO 55000 provides an overview of asset management, its principles and terminology, and the benefits of applying asset management; ISO 55001 sets out the requirements for an asset management system within the context of the organisation; and ISO 55002 gives guidelines for the application of an asset management system in accordance with ISO 55001.

ISO 55000 helps organisations to identify their assets, assess risks associated with them and formulate long term plans and strategies for maintaining and increasing the value of those assets. Visit and for further information and to purchase the new standards.


Enforcement of Code of Practice for Water Borehole Drilling in Nigeria

November 2013

The Federal Government of Nigeria has identified inadequate borehole drilling practices as the cause of outbreaks of cholera in parts of the country. This has necessitated strict enforcement of the national standards and code of practice for well and borehole construction, and calls for standardization of drilling and construction activities amongst water borehole drillers. The Government is reviewing its water and risk management policies and regulations to ensure that water safety and public health are not compromised as well as addressing the broader social, environmental and economic contexts. When offering water borehole licensing, design, construction, testing and commissioning services, VBTM Associates Ltd works with its specialist drilling partner in accordance with UK legislation, standards and codes of practice together with Nigerian national requirements. All our operatives are trained in construction design and management and the principles of water supply hygiene, and carry a valid UK EUS National Water Hygiene Card or equivalent certification for personnel involved in restricted operations in contact with drinking water.


Products and Processes in Contact with Drinking Water

September 2013

No substance, product or process should be applied or introduced in the collection, treatment and provision of public water supplies if it is likely to affect adversely water quality and constitutes a risk to public health. VBTM has been delivering presentations to clients on national legislation governing the use of substances, products and processes in contact with water and how we comply with the legislation when providing engineering design and consultancy services. If you need advice on whether you are following your national legislation, are unsure about whether you can use a particular product or process in contact with water, or wish to apply for regulatory approval to use your new product in the water utilities sector, VBTM can assist you.


Water Supply for Enugu State Hospital

June 2013

VBTM has been engaged to provide preliminary design for a new water supply to Enugu State Hospital in South East Nigeria.  Installation of the new water supply will involve borehole drilling and construction of a facility to treat 120 cubic metres per day of borehole water.


Technical Assistance to UNIDO, Nigeria

June 2013

UNIDO has appointed an international consulting firm to undertake feasibility studies for agricultural processing zones to provide planning information for the construction of required infrastructure.  UNIDO engaged VBTM Associates Ltd to support them in reviewing the project plan and in gathering preliminary data.  VBTM also supported UNIDO at the national workshop for the project.


Briman Strategic Water Reservoir Design & Build Project

June 2013

VBTM is assisting the National Water Company, Saudi Arabia with the design of a 1.5 million cubic metres storage reservoir, which forms part of the drinking water supply system for Jeddah and other areas of the governorate.  This is the first phase of a 12 million cubic metre strategic water storage system to maintain reliable and efficient water supply to Jeddah.  VBTM is also providing assistance with the selection of appropriate mixing equipment for the Phase 1 water storage tanks to be installed, and we are involved in determining operating costs for this part of the reservoir.


Water Cycle for School Children

May 2013

VBTM visited school children in Ogun State, Nigeria and explained where their drinking water comes from. The children created their own water cycle and presented ideas on how they can contribute to managing water resources in Africa.


Restoration of Well Supply in Ijebu-Remo

April 2013

VBTM came to the aid of villagers in Ijebu-Remo in Ogun State, Nigeria when their water well went dry.  Our volunteers checked the groundwater level, refurbished the well and pump, and tested the water supply to ensure that it remained safe to drink.


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